Insightful Options, PLLC

We explore Insightful Options to help you change your life, face your fears and overcome difficult obstacles. We have years of experience working with individuals and families dealing with a wide range of issues. We provide services M-F and Sat. We also provide Affordable Therapy Services for individuals face to face and via Tele-conference. In addition, we provide SUD/ DWI/DOT/SAP services that includes assessments and group sessions. We also provide Tele-Mental Health/Tele-Conference Therapy sessions for SC, NC, and GA clients for additional privacy and convenience.



Embracing Disabilities

Embracing disabilities is a wonderful way of growing, seeing the world through different lens, and learning to trust and believe in something bigger than you.  People who are born with or develop a disability must live their daily lives with “so call” limitations but the disability does not have to be a limitation.  The disability can be the possibility in this great big world.  Some individuals with a disability are beautiful and loving with a sincere way about themselves.  Some are caring and loving and have a large warm heart that will attract you to them immediately.  Others are laid back and patient with a fun-loving spirit.  But all are smart, capable, forgiving, willing, trusting, open, and have a heart that is good as gold.

Advocate for Autism

I saw this on FaceBook and decided to share

Following on from the news that a school banned a child with autism participating in a school trip I feel the need to write this. There are boys and girls that nobody invites to birthdays for example. There are kids who want to belong to a team but don’t get selected because it is more important to win than include these children. Children with special needs are not rare or strange, they only want what everyone else wants: to be accepted !! 😡Can I ask a question?? Is there anyone willing to copy and paste this post to their wall without sharing it, like I did for a friend?? #STANDUPFORAUTISM 

I worked extremely hard with my son and advocated for him to always make sure he was included and by the time he was in middle and high school he learned how to work hard and advocate for himself. Once in elementary school, he was excluded from a class game to learn the multiplication tables and he witnessed me going to the school and having a nice-nasty conversation with his teacher and throwing in that I can update his attorney about the matter also. Of course, she changed her tune and my son won the class game by learning is multiplication tables better than non-disabled his peers. I fought for main-stream (placing special needs students in regular classroom settings) and got it with both of my children. By the time the younger son finished school, he could say he was a part of the BoyScouts, Church Basketball, Church Choir, School Plays & School Programs, YMCA Soccer, Swimming, and Basketball, Middle School Track Team, Middle School tryouts for Baseball and Basketball, and High School Weight Lifting and JV and Varsity Football during his 4 years. He graduated 6 months early and was awarded the Football Team’s Heart and Pride of the team award- Heart of a Mustang!!!

The 3 P’s for Positive Self-Growth​

The 3 P’s for Positive Self -Growth

Positive Thinking- Starting thinking good thoughts that make you happy. Practice clearing your mind and simply be happy about any and everything.  Take a few minutes to take deep cleansing breaths.  Breathe in and then let it go.

Positive Communications- Starting having that private conversation of encouragement and motivation with yourself.  Yes, talk to yourself.  Tell yourself how much you love you each day.  Look in the mirror daily and say, “I love you.”  Speaking highly of yourself with I am statements.  I am strong.  I am healthy.  I am successful.  I am at my ideal weight.  I am pretty.  I am loved. I am a positive force.  I am happy.

Positive Attitude- Focusing on all of the positive possibilities.  Know that any and all things are possible.  Let your positivity flow endlessly.  Positivity will develop positive outcomes.  And remember all outcomes are teachable lessons.

Use positivity to develop a better you!

Dr. Latasha McIlwaine

Welcome to Dr. Latasha McIlwaine’s professional consulting services.  She provides consultations to assist others with obtaining a comprehensive range of integrated, evidence-based mental health care therapies, substance use services, and IDD resources to individuals, couples, and families. She also provides professional counseling supervision/consultation to professionals in North Carolina and South Carolina.  She has developed relationships with services provider, medical professionals, local school districts, veterans’ associations, and insurance companies in order to assist you with getting the best possible care.
Dr. McIlwaine is the founder of Insightful Options, PLLC, a counseling private practice based in Charlotte, NC with offices in Gastonia, NC, Georgetown, SC and Fort Mill, SC.  She has developed a team of highly skilled professional counselors and clinical social workers that provide services at Insightful Options, PLLC.  Each professional have experts with specialized education and training in individual fields.
For additional services, Dr. McIlwaine accepts concierge counseling sessions for up to five private clients/families for five to sixteen weeks. Dr. McIlwaine also delivers public speeches and presentations that are intentionally motivating and inspiring to others to be well, healthy, and successful.  Dr. McIlwaine practices and encourages successful thinking and positive mental attitude.

Introducing IO, PLLC Clinical Staff

CEO/Therapist/Clinical Director

Specialties- Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Couples/Premarital, Clinical Supervision, Business Consulting

Latasha has been practicing since 2005 and she established IO, PLLC in 2006.

She is a provider in both North and South Carolina. She also provides clinical supervision to Associate and Intern level counselors in both states. Latasha has developed a practice of highly qualified and well trained professionals to provide many of the different services offered at IO,PLLC. As the CEO and Clinical Director, it is Latasha’s sole duty to recruit the best of the best to provide highly professional and personalized services to our clients.

Latasha practice counseling as a generalist because of her extensive background working with different populations with a wide range of diverse issues. She has experience with children, adolescents, adults, males and females, couples and families. Latasha has a wide knowledge base in different areas because of her 8-10 years of service in the human service, criminal justice, public service, non-profit and law enforcement fields.

Latasha’s approach to counseling is a combination of person/client centered, brief solution focused, reality and cognitive behavioral therapies. She also has experience with counseling in outpatient, in home, jail, residential and inpatient settings. Latasha also presents on various topics at health fairs, conducts workshops, siminars and trainings for private, non-profit and corporate organizations.

Latasha is also currently an Adjunct Professor at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. She previously taught as an Adjunct Professor at Gaston College in Gastonia, NC.

Introducing IO, PLLC Clinical Staff

Dr. Regina McConley
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. McConley is a clinical psychologist who completed training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She completed an internship at the Southern Mississippi Psychology Internship program and a doctoral fellowship at the Memphis VA Medical Center. Dr. McConley has treated individuals with a wide spectrum of clinical illnesses and specializes in treating individuals with a variety of addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain.